DAG - Digital Silver (Digital Ag) - silver
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Alternative silver capital, buy silver value at a fair silver price or silver rate for protection against investment losses and hyperinflation!
No silver bullion, silver bars, silver coins, silver certificates, silver contracts, silver stock, silver metal or silver ore, just silver credits;
The purchase of DAG is a capital provision with the condition that it is used for the purchase of silver.
Each DAG represents 1 gram of the silver reserves.
Initially the silver reserves are kept at external storage vaults: Perth Mint

Why silver?
Historic Silver Prices
All-time high: $ 806 per ounce, adjusted for inflation in USD from 2016;
Silver to Gold value around 1500 which is 11 to 1, later 16 to 1, today partly over 100 to 1!

Manipulated Silver Price
Silver is very undervalued right now. In a manipulated market, the silver price is artificially low.
Demand has exceeded supply for years and is increasing at about 4% per annum.
This is trivialized by several tricks:
• Forward Contracts: You are selling silver that has not yet been produced / mined.
• Lending: Trade in leasing contracts (lent silver);
• Silver certificates: Silver stocks sold multiple times.

Silver reserves
Silver is a limited resource.
Silver appears solid, predominantly on the surface of the earth.
In contrast to gold, the silver concentration decreases with increasing depth, making silver production more and more expensive.
These facts suggest that the old silver-gold price ratio could be regained from about 15 to 1 and even surpassed in favor of silver.

Silver, the ideal retirement plan and protection against hyperinflation
Pension system: The allocation procedure of the intergenerational contract does not work.
The generation that should fulfill the contract was not conceived, and productive capital that could service the bond was not formed.
The promises of public and private pensions can not be fulfilled!
All old-age provision and pension insurance with fiat money will fail.
The interest-debt money system has a built-in self-destruct mechanism, because money only comes through debt and always has to pay interest.
DAG credits shall help to protect against the disaster of a very high inflation, hyperinflation or even a complete collapse of the interest debt money system.
More details: Present Systems Hyperinflation

DAG compared to crypto-currencies
DAG does not have an own exchange-traded value, therefore there is no bubble to burst and the value cannot go down to zero! DAG is begged to silver, a real money, it will always keeps its value.
The silver price is very undervalued, its real value is about 5 times what it is now.
At crypto-currencies a self-enrichment by the founders is usual, not possible at DAG.
Most crypto-currencies are anonymous. That means they can be misused for criminal activity (fraud, extortion, bribe payments, money laundering, ...).
But at DAG all transfers are recognized by the ID-names of the sender and receiver.

DAG value, storage and exchange
The initial value of 1 DAG is 1 VC/SE (= 1 EUR). The price will be set higher when the silver price exceeds this value.
DAG credits are shown at the iduzone.

How to get DAG:
Precondition: You need to be registered at the iduzone.
So if you are not registered yet:
Further precondition: You need to have credit in VC or SE.
• Just login at the iduzone to get information how to get such credits.
• Login at the iduzone, go to the account area, click internal exchange, transfer;
Note: the maximum number of DAGs in possession is 100,000 per person (= 100kg silver).

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